Barry Bruder is the co-founder and CEO of IASIS technologies which specializes in microcurrent neurofeedback. Traditional neurofeedback (TNFB) is a non-invasive intervention for individuals with attention deficit disorder, brain trauma, and cognitive challenges. TFNB has a long history of use as an active participant therapy to assist the brain in reorganization and structure of imbalanced brain activity. However, TNFB has its challenges as it requires patient participation which can be difficult for those with brain trauma or children with special needs. Microcurrent neurofeedback (MCNFB) is advanced technology that passively assists the brain in reorganization and patterning and is helpful for those with attention difficulties, anxiety, brain trauma, depression, cognitive challenges, post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological conditions and much more. This podcast discussion between Barry Bruder and Dr. Kurt Woeller highlights the many benefits of microcurrent neurofeedback, including children on the autism-spectrum. For more information about microcurrent feedback visit their main website at or email to Barry discusses a recent study on the benefits of MCNFB for anxiety and depression. You can access this research article at –



Barry Bruder