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Functional Medicine Doc Talk - a podcast about health, wellness, and how to use functional and integrative medicine to optimize health, and overcome chronic illness.


Functional medicine is an approach to health care that looks to determine the underlying root cause of illness. This approach comes from understanding that all body systems are integrated, but most important is the functional relationship of the digestive, hormone and immune systems. 

Integrative medicine is the expanded implementation of health treatments including dietary intervention, nutritional supplements, natural medicine, and diagnostic testing for a more comprehensive approach to health care. This area of health care has been the focus of Dr. Kurt N. Woeller for over 25 years. This podcast is one of his avenues of sharing his expertise regarding health information. 

Dr. Woeller explores a wide variety of topics through collaborative discussions with other experts in medicine and health science fields.


Integrative Medicine Academy

Integrative Medicine Academy (IMA) is an online academy for integrative health training and certifications. IMA hosts various ‘Mastery’ courses in integrative and functional medicine. Dr. Woeller is the clinical education director, main course content developer and presenter for IMA with over 225 course lecture hours of material. The list of courses offered through IMA are extensive including Advanced OAT Mastery, Autism Mastery, Candida Mastery, Clostridia Mastery, Essential OAT Mastery, Hormone Mastery, Mitochondria Mastery, SIBO Mastery (gastrointestinal/microbiome), and Toxicity Mastery.


Lab Tests Plus

Lab Tests Plus (LTP) is a resource website for public access to various functional and integrative health laboratory tests. A wide variety of labs are offered through LTP such as adrenal hormones, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, heavy metals, mycotoxins, organic acids test, and more. Each laboratory test comes with a written interpretation of relevant findings and action step recommendations for improved health outcomes.


Sunrise Functional Medicine

Sunrise Functional Medicine is the private practice of Kurt N. Woeller, DO and Tracy Tranchitella, ND. For more than 25 years their practice has incorporated conventional, functional, integrative, and natural medicine principles and interventions. Their emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle at the same time addressing core areas of need such as detoxification, digestion, hormones, immune function, metabolism, and overall biochemical balance.


Dr. Woeller Substack

Join Dr. Woeller on his Substack for free access to a library of articles, videos, and other shared postings related to functional and integrative medicine.


Kurt N. Woeller, DO, FMAPS, is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, integrative and functional medicine physician, and biomedical Autism Treatment Specialist in clinical practice for over 25 years.

Dr. Woeller is the education director and main course developer for his Integrative Medicine Academy, an online academy for health professionals. He is also the Organic Acids Test (OAT) seminar creator and presenter for Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory (formally Great Plains Laboratory’s GPL Academy) Mosaic Edge seminars and has been involved in monthly educational webinars for GPL, Mosaic, and other organizations for over a decade.

His private practice, Sunrise Functional Medicine, focuses on specialized diagnostic testing and interventions for individuals with complex health conditions like autism, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, neurological disorders, and other chronic health conditions. 

Dr. Woeller is a Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). He serves on various scientific advisory boards and has been a clinical consultant for laboratory companies, i.e., Great Plains Laboratory, BioHealth Laboratory, providing health practitioner education regarding functional and integrative medicine.


BioBotanical Research

Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

Mosaic Edge Academy (formally Great Plains Laboratory, GPL Academy) 

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Functional Medicine Doc Talk

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