Alessandra Miele, FMCHC, FYT is functional medicine health coach and mother of a child recovered from autism. Her journey through autism intervention for her son was overseen by the renowned physician Sidney Baker, MD, a pioneer in biomedical autism treatments, and founding member of the Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) movement, along with Bernard Rimland, PhD (founder of the Autism Research Institute) and others. Alessandra’s interview is important as it highlights the significance of fungal-related problems often seen in autism, and the necessity for some individuals with autism for consistent ongoing antifungal treatment. This podcast discussion between Alessandra Miele and Dr. Kurt Woeller highlights the many benefits of biomedical autism interventions, including the use of antifungals. To learn more about Alessandra and her health coaching work for biomedical autism intervention visit Mind Body Tampa Bay –


Alessandra Miele