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It’s a show about health, wellness, and how to use functional and integrative medicine to optimize health, and overcome chronic illness.

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Hello, I am Dr. Kurt Woeller, Your Host.

I am Dr. Kurt Woeller, Your Host

With over 25 years in clinical practice as a functional and integrative medicine practitioner I have garnered a ton of experience in helping individuals with complex health issues, as well as maintenance of health and wellness. For about the same amount of time in clinical practice, I have been involved in medical education synthesizing the interrelationships of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, general and organic acid metabolism, physiology, laboratory testing, and complex integrated systems for health practitioners, and the public.

My passion is education with regards to optimizing health and overcoming complex conditions. This podcast is another avenue for sharing important and transformative information from experts in the expanding field of functional and integrative medicine. Self-empowerment begins with awareness and education. Enjoy the programs.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.

Dr Kurt Woeller

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