Bill Shaw, Ph.D was the founder of Great Plains Laboratory (now Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory). With over 25 years in running Great Plains Laboratory, Dr. Shaw developed cutting edge testing such as the Organic Acids Test and published important research into the adverse health effects of certain fungal and clostridia bacterial compounds. His collective work in the fields of metabolic diseases, toxicology, laboratory technology and assessments has served the medical community for decades. Many patient populations, including those with autism, mental health, and neurodegenerative disorders, have all received significant benefits from the information brought forth by Dr. Shaw. In this podcast interview Dr. Woeller discusses a new published research paper of Dr. Shaw discussing the relationship between a clostridia bacterial toxin called HPHPA and its adverse effects on fatty acid metabolism, and the inhibition of sonic hedgehog activation seen in autism. 


Dr. William (Bill) Shaw, Ph.D  and