In this episode Dr. Woeller interviews Lynn Weber, CHC about her journey through mold exposure, regaining and maintaining good health, and steps to take for home mold detection and remediation. Here is Lynn’s statement and short bio:
“I am Lynn Weber, a holistic health coach who earned my certification from IIN in 2013. Like many people, my desire to help others came out of my own health journey, which began more than a decade earlier. At that time, I was raising two young children and was desperately seeking natural healthcare options to combat a genetic threat—heart disease. Little did I know it would take decades to unravel all the possible “players” and a few unexpected roadblocks. Through the process, I uncovered complications from previously treated health issues and some unsuspected ones. With a long record of dental problems, I assumed this would be my biggest obstacle. However, mounting evidence led me to a different conclusion. When I hit a point where nothing seemed to be moving the needle, I decided it was time to stop resisting the facts. All things pointed to mold. I will share why it is important to keep an open mind when seeking optimal health. Sometimes the less obvious path is the one that will give you the biggest results.”Guest:

Lynne Weber, CHC
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