In this podcast episode, Dr. Woeller interviews Elena Naginsky, nutrition consultant, about Rigvir therapy which is a unique cancer intervention called virotherapy. They also discuss the use of Rife Technology, Bio-Resonance, and nutrition.

For the past 20 years, I have been managing my health challenges through alternative healthmethods. These challenges have included issues such as being overweight, diabetes, removal of gallbladder, removal of the thyroid gland, chronic stress, severe insomnia, and most notably, myxosarcoma which was diagnosed in my husband in 2018. My journey led me to specialize in Nutrition, where I have developed a unique approach to health and wellness.

I graduated from a Functional Nutrition Consultant course and got certified as Functional Nutrition Counselor and when I realized I needed more knowledge participated and graduated from an International Nutrition Consulting Academy with a Diploma confirming the qualification of Nutriciology.

Elena Naginsky